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"Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand."
(Martin Fowler)

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Who is this Julia Spiegel?

About me

When I was a child I liked playing computer games for hours. Werner-FLaschbier or Giana Sisters as well as the Game Boy were my favorites in the 80s. With my first own computer and the internet on it’s way to every household (with a 33k-modem..) I started chatting via ICQ, built my first, very spooky, websites with Dreamweaver and designed a lot of senseless stuff with Photoshop.
Then I had to choose my course of studies and started studying “Media Information Technology” at the University of Applied Sciences in Wedel, next to Hamburg.

My diploma thesis about “Web Accessibility” I wrote at the University Tübingen, because I really loved this city. Afterwards I worked at the internet agency MOSAIQ GmbH in Stuttgart for a few years until I gravitated towards home. I started working at Gruner + Jahr GmbH & Co KG in Hamburg, where I worked on different projects as a Software Engineer. I was also responsible for the deployment process of the website of Brigitte and deepened my linux command line knowledge. A few years later my job changed to a technical project leader, but I missed programming and changed to sitegeist media solutions GmbH, an internet agency, where I got to know the PHP framework Yii and also deepened my knowledge with HTML and CSS.

I longed for working on bigger projects and so, a few years later, I changed to northworks Software GmbH. We created a racing manager game (for browser and tablet) where up to 14 real users drive races against each other. The races are simulated in realtime. I was responsible for the whole backend and also the Dev-Op of this project, so I got to know the Amazon Cloud (AWS), Jenkins and again deepened my knowledge on the linux command line.

But in all these years, I received requests for smaller and midsize projects I could not work on, because I didn’t have the time contiguous to the fulltime-job. I also started writing books as an amateur writer and founded an organisation for trail riding, which I both really want to carry on with.

So I changed to freelance work to be available for all those projects that are coming!

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My latest projects

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